Poor Clare Community, Ennis

We are a community of 11 sisters of varied ages and backgrounds from different parts of the country who live a contemplative life in the spirit of Francis and Clare of Assisi, endeavouring like them to follow Christ in a gospel way of life.

As Franciscan contemplative we share a joyful and simple family life, called together in the love of God and seeking to witness to this love as a community of prayer within the Church.

Giving praise and thanks to God and learning to rely on Him in all the areas of daily living, we pray and work for all His pole throughout the world sharing in

  • their hopes and fears
  • their joys and sorrows
  • their efforts and achievements
  • their search for the peace of Christ and the fullness of His love

Our daily life is in any ways quite ordinary. Like everyone else we need to cook and clean and pay our bills. But a look at our typical timetable shows that we spend a lot of time at prayer and Adoration and praying the Liturgy of the Hours. This is because we regard these as our main work. Our aim is to do everything, however mundane, in a way that gives glory to God.

We seek to live the gift and spirit of our founders, Francis and Clare of Assisi, with adaptation for the 21st century. Following the mandate for Church renewal in our time and responsive to the needs of our global community, we focus on the gospel of Jesus Christ, perennial good news for our vulnerable world. Our contribution is that of a community of prayer, mindful of all God’s people.